Friday, December 11, 2009


So its been a long time i know, and i cant even say that i have been busy but it seems like everyday goes by faster and faster and i can never get around to doing things. So here is a little update on what the Gallup's have been up to. Aaron has gotten a new job he is now the assistant manager and the QT down here in Casa Grande and I am still running a daycare in our home so it has been so nice not to spend hundreds of dollars a month just on gas. He has been at his new job for about 3 weeks now and is just now getting out of training! He will be on his own and I think he really likes it there, and his work days go by fast since they are always busy. There are a couple down falls to his job, 1st he is on swing shift which means he works two morning two afternoons and two graveyards. So needless to say he is always tired and feels like he is never getting the sleep he needs. 2nd is he has to work on Sundays :( such a bummer, we just got jobs in the ward we team teach 16 and 17 year olds! Well now that he works on Sundays I teach all by my self and that's a real bummer. So that's another things that is new with us (or just me now) we have callings. I was so exited to get a calling I thought that this would be good we could get involved in the ward and get to know everyone!
Wade and Christie have finally made the move back down to Casa Grande. They have moved in a couple weeks ago and it has been fun! Well we don't really see them that much since they moved down but when we do get together it feels like there are so many of us. They bought the house one house away from my other brother so i think they see each other more than we see them. So we are filling in the Casa Grande area. There is Us then my two brothers and there wife's and the 3 kids, then there is also Aaron's sister and her husband and there 4 kids. So we are filling it in! And its so fun there is usually always something to do around here.
We are getting ready for Christmas slowly but we will get there. We finally went out and got a fake tree, we usually always get real ones but we broke down and are now just like most people out there and have a fake one. It is a really nice one though it is really full and is a lot bigger than any of the others that we usually get!
So I think that that's all nothing that special to talk about, just updating! O but i am trying to grow my hair out if anyone knows and trick or anything to make that happen any faster let me know, i am so inpatient i just want it to be long right now! O ya and one of my best friends just had her baby, a little girl and her name is Reagan Nicole Flowers (how cute is that) I went to see her in the hospital and got to hold her and fell in love with her she was such a wonderful perfect little baby! I cant wait till we are ready to have our own kids. I will post pics as soon and I can find my camera, i don't know where it ran off to again.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween fun!

Halloween was fun this year! We actually decided to go out this year and dress up!! So i went out and got cute costumes, Aaron was going to be a gangster and I was a flapper! I don't know why but i have always loved that era and the clothes they wore so i thought how fun would that be to dress up like them. Then it was like a week away when my brother and sis in law decided what they were going to be and they decided to be batman and robin and so Aaron decided to change our costumes and he wanted to be scary so he wants to be the joker, so I thought that if he was going to be a villain then i would be one to. So I chose to be Poison Ivy. I loved her character, so there it was i have one week to return the costumes and get new ones but the outfits you buy in the bag were so cheep looking for those characters so i decided to make them. Well long story short I did get around to making them the day before, that was a fri and some of the parents that i watch kids for invited us to there Halloween party for that night, then on Halloween night we were all supposed to go out together but Adam got sick last min and he did not want to go and since he was not going Aaron decided he did not want to go, but i knew that i did not make these costumes for the fun of it so Korina and I went out together. We meet up with her parents and a place called Iguana Max, i guess its a restaurant that they turned into a Halloween party. I was fun but there was not much to do without our hubbies so we felt a little left out :( and o my gosh side note, i think for some people now and days Halloween is just an excuse to dress like a tramp. there were some people there that i was so shocked they left the house like that. Anyways we left the party around 1 am! I was shocked I have not stayed out that late in forever (WOW i feel old) anyways here are some pice of the night!!

Tucson Zoo

A couple week ago my family and i took the daycare kids to the zoo, and all the kids had such a fun time! Here are a few pics. I must say that for the first time i went to the Tucson zoo i loved it, you are so up close to all the animals you could almost touch them.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

New bathroom!!!

Okay so I finally got around to doing something worth taking pics of and posting. I had a bathroom make over. I had this idea in my head and i tried so hard to follow through with it and I think i succeeded!! I took down the mirror and wanted to frame it out then hang it back up there but in the end i could not figure out how to hang it back up and have it be really stable so I got some new mirrors for the bathroom and still framed out the other mirror and it is now just in my room on the floor next to the dresser I just re did also! So painting stripes I do not recommend it was not that hard but taping off is a pain in the booty! But I love how it turned out and now I need to re-do my bedroom to match.

So Aaron and I are doing great and are so in love! We love living in Casa Grande by so much of our family. and Wade and Christie are putting offers in down here so hopefully they will be back down here soon! Now that I'm home all day long it will be nice to have more people down here that I can hang out with all the time! Aaron is working so much and so hard doing his installation for Direct TV, and now Jay is working with him so he is liking that so now he can have someone to talk to during all of his crazy jobs. He likes it but is not in love with it so he is trying to get on with the prison in Florence! So keep your prayers with him that he can get it!!

Monday, July 13, 2009

New Guns!!

So Aaron and our bro. in law went to the gun show yesterday and came home with a new AR-15. If any of you have never shot one before I highly recommend it. There is like no kick to it and so easy to use. So we have a range down here in Casa Grande that is free and it was so nice because there was no one there yesterday so we had the range to our self. I invite any one who wants to come shooting with us we go all the time so if any one wants to go just let me know and we can all go together!! So I don't have any pics because I left my camera out in the car so that was a bummer. I was hot too I think it was 110 out side when we went but it was windy so that made it nicer out but then all the sudden the wind kicked up a little harder and was blowing our targets away so we had to call it a day so I cant wait till we get to go again!!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Freaked Out

Okay so just as a reminder one of my last post was about me thinking that our house was broke into, okay so i am not so worried about it anymore i just find it strange but o well. Well that what I thought till I went to the gym last night. My sis in law Korina works there and i try to go work out with her when ever we both can, so I'm on my was there and i take some back roads to get there just because it has less stop signs. So i live about 8 or so miles away from the gym and i noticed that about a mile away from my house a car pulls out of nowhere and they are keeping there distance almost the whole time but when i go up to a light or a stop sign the car speeds up to make it through the same light. Okay no big deal right I do that to. Well going down the back roads this same car is still following me, so still a little jumpy i lock my doors and try to not think anything about it. So i get up to the light right before the gym and it turns green and this is a very short light it always is, i make it through the light and it turned yellow then here comes that car and it ran the red light. So i turn on my blinker to turn into the gym and here comes the car turned on his blinker and is about to follow me in. So now I'm freaking out and so i turn off my blinker and get back on to the road watching the car to see if it is going to do anything. And it did it turned off its blinker and it looked like it wanted to get back onto the street but now there are more car so it cant. So i turn into the next entrance into the gym and this car is going up and down all the isles and then finally i park. I sat there for a sec. watching the car and it pulls into a spot so fast kinda far away from me and they turn off there car and just sit there. I think i watched it for about 4 min or so and no one ever got out of the car. So i pull back out and go to a parking spot a little closer to the front doors. And as I'm walking up I'm watching this car and still no one gets out of the car. So I go inside and I'm waiting for Korina to finish up work and as she walked up to me I'm looking out the window and I start telling her what was going on and i Just get done telling her how weird this is and the car drives past the window. And they did not drive by like normal they drove past so slow and this window is a full length window. S o I point out the car to her and I say "that's the car" and so now she is kinda freaked too. So this person followed me all the way there then never got out of there car, so i never got to see who it was. I'm sure i might be reading way into this but two freaky thing all happen within a couple days of each other, and I'm always by my self. I just thought i would let you know I have a stalker.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Before we got there some how we always end up in the back.
Look at the cute couple!!!

Jay does not look to happy :(

In the paper a couple weeks ago there we coupons for AMF bowling and I like to do that so this past weekend i convinced Wade & Christie to go with us then when we dropped Gage off at my moms we god Jay to come to! We all had a blast and of course Aaron won a lot but i got 2nd place twice and once i got more than 100 pts! thats good for me. And i think an M C Hammer some came on and you can hear it in the back round but dont ask my why i started dancing to it and why Christie was recording it.


So I started to do coupons a couple months ago and WOW is it a life saver, I went to the store a couple weeks ago and a spent $90.00 but my savings were $101.00 so i got just as much food and odds and ends as i usually do but spend less than half the money!! Its called coupon sence.If anyone wants to know how and were to look just let me know! And you cant really tell by the pic but there was a ton of food on there and its all name brand and yummy!


So the way that our house is set up the kitchen and family room are in one room together so decorating is going to be a tricky one in this house. but the walls were looking a little bare so i thought i would make curtains. Curtains can be expensive and I'm all about saving money anywhere i can so i decided to make them!! I went to Ross and found some really cute sheets and thought i could make all of them from one sheet. you cant tell by the pics but they are satin and have little squares all over them. So that's what I did all day sat. Since Aaron work on sat now i have to find things to do! OOOOOhhh but get this I left at like 12 o'clock to go get some curtain rods, and being my frugal self i went to 4 different store to find some cute yet cheep ones. anyways so i get back home and go inside the house to put my bags down and open up some of the little hooks that i got, they were not the right color so i was going to go outside to spray paint them. i get done with that and i go bake inside and i noticed the back door was opened. I almost had a heart attack I'm not kidding so i go up to the door and both dogs are just relaxing and Nike the puppy must have snuck inside and he took one of the curtain off the couch and he was chewing on it. I wanted to yell at him but i could not help but think how in the crap did the back door get open. So now i think I'm just freaking my self out and i go into the closet and go into the safe to find the gun (if someone is in my house i think i would have shoot him) but there is not gun, so now i am in panic mode and so i look behind some of the clothes were i thought that Aaron had put the shot gun and its not there and so the only thing i can find is a riffle that is not even loaded and it weights a ton to me and i start walking around the house with a weapon that i could not ever use but it made me feel better only to not find anyone. So i called Aaron and he is in the middle of a job and said just to relax and told me were the useful guns were at, and that he would be home as soon as he could. So i go into the closet and he put the hand gun on the very top self to were i could hardly reach with a chair. So get it down and i go out into the family room and i start yelling "if anyone is in here. i will shoot you" and know one came out and all the windows were locked and so the only way i can think is they came in through the service door from the garage it was the only door not locked. but the freaky thing is, is the person must have been in the house when i first went inside because that door was not opened. Then finally Aaron get home at like 6 pm and he noticed that i put the hand gun on the end table to were i could easy get to it and he told me that it was on safety and not even ready to go, so I felt retarded and so now I'm thinking that we need to go out again and re-learn how to use one of those things. But in the end of the day i got my curtains done!!

Food Storage!!

So Aaron and I decided that it was time to get our food storage done. Once we started we could not stop we got everything piled up in our guest room then rented the caner from our ward then within 24 hours we had everything canned. I was so proud of us for getting is all done and would recommend everyone start it!! It was a little costly but we saved for a bit and just did it. An you do not have to do it all in one month because that's hard to do and we did not get everything from the cannery Sam's Club is great because i priced checked and for a lot of stuff they were cheaper! I think it also helps that I work like 2 miles away from the cannery. I feel like we have been blessed because of it in so many ways and just knowing that it is done is such a stress relief!! If anyone needs help in any way even if it just going to the cannery for the first time i would love to help out, i know for me going for the first time was the hardest thing just because i have never been there before. So here it is piled up under beds. In the guest room it is stacked up 3 rows high and 3 rows wide and 5 rows deep, and in our room it is under our bed and holding up our t.v. and its cool you cant even tell because it has material over it so it looks like it was made to do that!

Monday, February 16, 2009


Aaron had to work on V-Day how lame is that, but it kinda turned out good because I was able to surprise him with dinner when he got home.

My loving hubby got me wonderful flowers!!

And I since I had the day to my self I made cookies!

And Strawberry Short Cake for desert!Yummy!

We decided to stay home this year so I made a nice candlelit dinner. It turned out so cute.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Happy B-Day Wade! (& car trouble)

So my younger brother just turned one year older and Christie wanted to have a surprise b-day party for him over at my house. So we were supposed to get off work at 4 pm then get home by 4:30 pm. Well I should have known that the night was not going to turn out all peachy when Aaron on his fist day at his new job did not get done till 5 pm and since we car pool I had to wait around for him to get off. So he got back to the office at 5 and we headed home, we got about half way down the I10 freeway and we heard a noise from the back of the truck. Aaron pulled over to check it out and the tread on our tire was starting to come off. I wanted to get home so I told Aaron to just drive really slow and he said okay. So we put our hazards on and we were on our way. Well about 2 miles later we heard it again but 2x as loud and it moved the truck a little bit, so here we go again we pulled off to the side of the road and Aaron got out to take a look at it and the tire did not pop but there was no tread on the tire at all. (so weird) So I said again lets just drive slower and we can get a little farther, and he said not to that and I don't blame him, that would have just been asking for trouble. So Aaron get out of the car to change the tire and turns out when we got our truck it did not have the long thing that you have to use to lower the tire down so we were in a pickle. So we call the guy that found us the truck and he is up in phoenix and cant get to us any time soon. So I call Wade and turns out he does not have that thing to lower the tire down, so now it is like 6 pm and its getting dark and really cold out side. Well at least Aaron said it was cold I did not get out of the truck!! So I called Adam thinking thinking that they were all still up at a doc appointment in Scottsdale hoping that he could help us out when he was on his way home, but once again it was not our night and he was already over at our house along with my parents and all my other brothers and Sarah. But being the helpful handy guy he is he said he would come help us. So now he is on his way and Aaron gets back in the truck and said that the tire iron that we have does not fit our tire bolts, so I call Adam back and let him know and he does not have one with him so he has to turn around and go back to his house and get all the stuff to help us out of this jam(and during all of this Korina gives me a call and asked me how to get salsa out of carpet!! I was going to lash, but not really). So its now 6:30 and Adam arrived. 30 min later we are on our way back home!!!!!! We finally pull in at 7:15 pm and Freaking Wade and Christie are already there. (so much for a surprise party) So we got in and mom already had dinner ready so we all sat down and eat a good dinner, and yummy desert and everyone left. So our night was crazy and lazy at the same time(well i was lazy Aaron and Adam not so much) hahaha!! But over all it was a good night and a story to tell so ya sorry its so long I am board at work and like to ramble sometimes!

Look at that tire, doesn't that just look weird, that is some shotty work done by the tire making people.

The BIG 22 (he gets so exited that for one month he is only 1 yr younger than me)

Look how cute his little face is (o ya did u know that he is crawling, he is only like 6 months)
Anden and me reading a book!

Some of the gang waiting to sing Happy Birthday!

Anden could not wait to lick of the candles.

Anden won!Sorry baby u are on the bottom of that pile.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Look what I did!!

So I have been needing for a while now a place for all of my shoes, so Aaron and I went to Home Depot and got some wood and it has been sitting in our garage for about a week or so. So on sat Aaron when to look at a new truck with a friend and I got board so I decided that I would try to make it my self. And I do think I did a fabulous job on it. It looks like it came with the house and my shoes fit perfect on it!! To bad Aaron's did not fit but o well he can have one of the shelf's that are on top of the clothes, since he is tall he can reach them with out a problem!!