Friday, October 31, 2008


Halloween is so much fun we were a little behind this year but we did it just in time we decorated our house!! That was a ton of fun. We went and got some of that cotton spider web stuff and put it all over the front porch. We also got a mat that when you step on it, it screams. And also a skeleton that sits up and has a motion sensor that when you walk past it, it lights up and talks to you and shakes like crazy.

You cant really see it but its there!


Exercise, we are all supposed to do it right? Well that is what I am going to start to do every day (hopefully!!) I have had a bike for a while now but living in the condo I never really had the chance to just ride around so now that we have a garage and it is more accessible I am going riding every night. But then we ran into a problem. I like it when Aaron goes with me and he cant keep up by just running so we went to Big 5 last night and got some new roller blades! They rock. I feel like I am 5 years old again with my arms out trying so hard not to fall. We went over to Aaron' sis house and her and her daughter put on there blades and we went around the block. Turns out we went the longest way possible around the block to were each time around was 1 mile. So we went just over 3 miles the first night I had my blades and my ankle was rubbing so hard, but it felt great. I recommend to get a great work out get some roller blades!! You cant see the bike very well but we got a new seat for it that is awesome and so soft it makes it worth it to ride for a long time.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

New Idea's

Hey guys I am so tired of always making the same things for dinner, do any of you guys have any idea that maybe out of the norm that you guys like to make for dinner. Or maybe just tell me some of your favorite meals and I can get some ideas from that!! Thanks for all the help!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The new me!!

So I decided that I wanted to change things up a bit and thought that I would do that with my hair. So I dyed it a dark brown and cut it all off. You cant really tell by the pic but the hair before was a light brown with a tint of red in it. and I don't know if you can see but the back is layered up really short and it is only like 1.5 to 2 inches long!! So short, I think I took off around 10 inches or so in the back so I hope you all like it!!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Here it is!!

So here it is some pics of the house but only the out side because the inside is a disaster with boxes every were. I am wanting to paint every room a standard tan and so far I only have the master bedroom and half the family room done so far so I have a long way to go!! But I like to paint so I'm okay with it. And there is not landscaping in yet we have to get that done soon. I hate dirt some how it always comes inside the house and it can never stay clean.

Here is our dog Puma. She is so mad at us for making her stay outside every time we open the door there she is trying to get in. But for the most part she loves it and the yard is a really nice size for her to play in!!