Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Were Back

so long since i have even thought about this blog but i was just wondering around one day and thought this if anything is just a good way to keep pics of our now growing family. So much has changed in the latest years. but the biggest thing would have to be We we had a baby! his name is Lincoln Matthew Gallup. 5 Months old now and growing like a weed!!

He was a large baby, 9 lbs 6 oz. 21 inch long!! he has been the greatest blessing in our lifes. tons of of other stuff has happened im sure but that will come in time. i will update this blog at well and my treats blog! yummy...

Friday, July 2, 2010

Just incase you did not know!

Okay so life has been a little crazy around here back in March Aaron joined the National Guard and they said July will be when he will leave for bootcamp. Well that seemed so far away at the time but WOW how time flies. He has only 4 days left. I will go out to South Carolina to see him graduate from boot camp 10 weeks after he leaves, then he will be back for 2 weeks for christmas then he will have to go back till April. So we only get to see each other those 2 times durring the next 9 to 10 months or so :( After his bootcamp he will be going to Virginia to get trained in all the electronics and armor that goes into the helocoptors that the Army uses! That will be such an exiting thig for him to learn and I think it will keep his busy! So that is it for now I think, O ya for anyone reading this we are having a going away 4th of July party for him at our house everyone is invited so come have a good time and say bye!!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Aaron turns 28

Im a little behind Aarons b-day was a little while back and we had some family members come over to help us celebrate. It was fun and the cake is supposed to look like camo, i think its close enough!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Look at my new b-day present. Aaron and I went shoe shopping for him but then I decided that I needed now running shoes, my shocks were getting a little worn out and I needed more running shoes so I went and picked out some less expensive shoe but then Aaron said to get these and it will count as my birthday gift. So I got them 15 days early but they are so nice they are the newest member to the Nike family they are called Lunarglide. They are so light it feels like i don't have anything on. and you cant tell from the pic but the pink part is like neon pink you could see me coming from a mile away!

Out Side time!!!

So now that it is getting a little warmer we can finally go outside to play!! And the kids i watch could not love it any more. We fave not yet fully landscaped our backyard but we did get some new toys and Aaron and I are so handy we put them together. We got a tramp and a swing set. Emily took a dive yesterday off the swing and busted up her lip but its better now! And i got a bubble machine that is so much fun, it makes thousands of bubble in seconds and that is so much fun. O ya and i planted a garden!!! O ya I did, We have carrots, onions, strawberry's, broccoli, tomatoes, and lettuce! You might not be able to see it all from the pic but most of it is coming up already I'm so exited!!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

What has he done!?!

So Aaron come up to me the other day and said that he wanted to join the National Guard, I said what!! He has been saying this since we have been married I just always told him NO. But for some reason when he said it this time I knew he was not kidding. So I told him that we needed to pray about it and and really think about it, so that's just what we did. So while we were thinking about it he was going down to meet a recruiter a lot so that we new what we would be getting into if he did decide to get into it. So I was getting a filling that kept coming over me to let him do it if it was what he wanted to do. So about a month later he did he went down to his recruiter, and signed up! Wow so he went and took a test to see what he could get into and they said he was so smart he could go into any field he wanted to. So he decided that he wants to go into avionics. He has boot camp that will last 10 weeks then another 28 weeks at a school that will teach him all about his specialty. I don't remember what it is called but he will be working on the Apache helicopter weapons. Learning about the way they are installed and just how they work in general and I'm sure that there is a lot more to it but I cant really remember. So anyways he went to his first weekend boot camp thing and i think he loved it but he got really sore. So here are a few pics of his adventures. one of the pics that looks a little scary he went repelling and had to paint up his face.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010