Monday, February 16, 2009


Aaron had to work on V-Day how lame is that, but it kinda turned out good because I was able to surprise him with dinner when he got home.

My loving hubby got me wonderful flowers!!

And I since I had the day to my self I made cookies!

And Strawberry Short Cake for desert!Yummy!

We decided to stay home this year so I made a nice candlelit dinner. It turned out so cute.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Happy B-Day Wade! (& car trouble)

So my younger brother just turned one year older and Christie wanted to have a surprise b-day party for him over at my house. So we were supposed to get off work at 4 pm then get home by 4:30 pm. Well I should have known that the night was not going to turn out all peachy when Aaron on his fist day at his new job did not get done till 5 pm and since we car pool I had to wait around for him to get off. So he got back to the office at 5 and we headed home, we got about half way down the I10 freeway and we heard a noise from the back of the truck. Aaron pulled over to check it out and the tread on our tire was starting to come off. I wanted to get home so I told Aaron to just drive really slow and he said okay. So we put our hazards on and we were on our way. Well about 2 miles later we heard it again but 2x as loud and it moved the truck a little bit, so here we go again we pulled off to the side of the road and Aaron got out to take a look at it and the tire did not pop but there was no tread on the tire at all. (so weird) So I said again lets just drive slower and we can get a little farther, and he said not to that and I don't blame him, that would have just been asking for trouble. So Aaron get out of the car to change the tire and turns out when we got our truck it did not have the long thing that you have to use to lower the tire down so we were in a pickle. So we call the guy that found us the truck and he is up in phoenix and cant get to us any time soon. So I call Wade and turns out he does not have that thing to lower the tire down, so now it is like 6 pm and its getting dark and really cold out side. Well at least Aaron said it was cold I did not get out of the truck!! So I called Adam thinking thinking that they were all still up at a doc appointment in Scottsdale hoping that he could help us out when he was on his way home, but once again it was not our night and he was already over at our house along with my parents and all my other brothers and Sarah. But being the helpful handy guy he is he said he would come help us. So now he is on his way and Aaron gets back in the truck and said that the tire iron that we have does not fit our tire bolts, so I call Adam back and let him know and he does not have one with him so he has to turn around and go back to his house and get all the stuff to help us out of this jam(and during all of this Korina gives me a call and asked me how to get salsa out of carpet!! I was going to lash, but not really). So its now 6:30 and Adam arrived. 30 min later we are on our way back home!!!!!! We finally pull in at 7:15 pm and Freaking Wade and Christie are already there. (so much for a surprise party) So we got in and mom already had dinner ready so we all sat down and eat a good dinner, and yummy desert and everyone left. So our night was crazy and lazy at the same time(well i was lazy Aaron and Adam not so much) hahaha!! But over all it was a good night and a story to tell so ya sorry its so long I am board at work and like to ramble sometimes!

Look at that tire, doesn't that just look weird, that is some shotty work done by the tire making people.

The BIG 22 (he gets so exited that for one month he is only 1 yr younger than me)

Look how cute his little face is (o ya did u know that he is crawling, he is only like 6 months)
Anden and me reading a book!

Some of the gang waiting to sing Happy Birthday!

Anden could not wait to lick of the candles.

Anden won!Sorry baby u are on the bottom of that pile.