Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween fun!

Halloween was fun this year! We actually decided to go out this year and dress up!! So i went out and got cute costumes, Aaron was going to be a gangster and I was a flapper! I don't know why but i have always loved that era and the clothes they wore so i thought how fun would that be to dress up like them. Then it was like a week away when my brother and sis in law decided what they were going to be and they decided to be batman and robin and so Aaron decided to change our costumes and he wanted to be scary so he wants to be the joker, so I thought that if he was going to be a villain then i would be one to. So I chose to be Poison Ivy. I loved her character, so there it was i have one week to return the costumes and get new ones but the outfits you buy in the bag were so cheep looking for those characters so i decided to make them. Well long story short I did get around to making them the day before, that was a fri and some of the parents that i watch kids for invited us to there Halloween party for that night, then on Halloween night we were all supposed to go out together but Adam got sick last min and he did not want to go and since he was not going Aaron decided he did not want to go, but i knew that i did not make these costumes for the fun of it so Korina and I went out together. We meet up with her parents and a place called Iguana Max, i guess its a restaurant that they turned into a Halloween party. I was fun but there was not much to do without our hubbies so we felt a little left out :( and o my gosh side note, i think for some people now and days Halloween is just an excuse to dress like a tramp. there were some people there that i was so shocked they left the house like that. Anyways we left the party around 1 am! I was shocked I have not stayed out that late in forever (WOW i feel old) anyways here are some pice of the night!!

Tucson Zoo

A couple week ago my family and i took the daycare kids to the zoo, and all the kids had such a fun time! Here are a few pics. I must say that for the first time i went to the Tucson zoo i loved it, you are so up close to all the animals you could almost touch them.