Friday, November 21, 2008

Suns Game!!!

So last night Aaron got some great tickets to go see the Suns. And when I say great tickets I mean GREAT tickets. He sat in the 3rd row. And I'm not sure if you can tell but the guy in the Lakers shirt is that actor form The Green Mile (Michael Clarke Duncan) and he sat right in front of Aaron. I thought that it would have been so much fun to go but I thought that Aaron needed some guy time so he took his friend Steve and I think that they enjoyed it, so even though Aaron got home and midnight or later and the game was lame because they lost It was some well deserved time for him to go out and have a little fun.

Monday, November 10, 2008


So I just finished my latest project. A baby blanket!! My mom thought that it would be cute if all the girls made baby blankets. So I went to the fabric store and found the cutest Winny the Pooh material and I love it. For some reason I made it for a boy. Maybe Somehow I know that we will have a boy first! So I think that I am the only one who has finished it so I was very proud of my self last night when I got done!! Next one I will have to make for a girl just in case! And ya the triangles that go around the border I cut out and sewed them all on, and it took forever but I think it is what really made it cute!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

New Class

So I decided to go and take a cake decorating class at Michael's! I just had my first class last night and it was kinds dull we just had to watch the teacher decorating the whole time but next week we get to bring in a cake and do it all by our self so I will take a pic of it when I am done. And that is our homework ya we have homework, we have to bake a cake and make 3 or 4 different frosting's. I think that is will be a ton of fun and I have wanted to do it forever but I did not want to go by my self so I convinced my sis in law to go with me. I will keep you all updated on the class and how I am doing with the whole decorating thing.

Monday, November 3, 2008


*List 6 quirks that you have that your friends and family may not know about*

1. (First of all I think my family knows me pretty well so I am not sure so just bare with me!)
Ummm... I love to clean I think I keep the house pretty clean except our room for some reason I cant keep up with the laundry so our room can be messy but as for the rest of the house it drives me nuts if it is dirty and I know it can bug Aaron so I try to keep it tidy. But if I know that people are coming over even if it is family that comes over all the time I will go into turbo mode and clean like a mad woman and Aaron always comments(you always clean when people come over) and ya I know i do and I cant help it.

2. I used to suck on my thumb. i am sure everyone in my family knows that, because my mom loves to tell people that. And not only did I suck on it but I did it till I was like 12 or so. So I am not proud of that but hey I did it and I will still catch my self twirling my hair sometimes.

3. I love to buy shoes and purses. I know people are thinking hello every girl loves to that, but I can be really bad at it. I will go in phases and but a ton of shoes then I will move on to purses and during the summer it was bathing suites. I think I have a few of the suites that I have only worn once. And with the shoes right before we moved I went through all mu clothes and shoes and took like 4 big trash bags to savers and 3 of them were all shoes, and I still have a closet full of them.

4. I love it when people come over because like my first one said then my house gets really really clean and for some reason I love to be the host. (for those of you that have ever watched Friends I feel like Monica) I love to bake and cook so when people come over I am always wanting them to eat and do things I cant stand it when they come over and I don't have anything planned, it makes me feel like I failed and supplying the entertainment.

5. I like my friend Lindsay love to make list. If you were to come to my office at any given time I would have a lest 2 or 3 list of something sitting on my desk. We are in the process of getting all of our food storage and I am having a field day with that because you have to keep track of everything you need and everything you have so I am loving that.

6. And last most people know this but I don't know what else to say, I love kids. I love them at all ages. I cant wait to have some of our own but for now I have lots of family members with kids that I can hang out with and hold, and I love it. I love to buy thing for little people and spoil them. Aaron and I just got one of my nephews birthday gifts and his birthday is not for like 20 more days or so and I got it in the beginning of last month. I just get so exited when it comes to little people!!!!!

I tag... Gretchen, Karen, & Nat

New Addition!

We went over to my bros house the other day and he had 1 last puppy from his littler that his dog just had. So I decided that Puma our dog needed a friend. Now that she is an outside dog she gets so board. So we finally broke down and got another one. He is a mix breed the mom is a full blood pit and the dad is a full blood chocolate lab. They sure did make a cute puppy together! So since Aaron named Puma I got to name the new puppy and his name is... Nike. I thought I would keep the theme going with the shoe thing. He is about 5 months old and is not very big so I don't think he will get bigger than Puma so that is good I did not really want to have another big dog, but we will have to wait to see how big he will get!


So I hope every ones Halloween was fun!! We stayed home this year and passed out candy. Well kinds passed it out we are in a subdivision that is not quite finished so we did not get very many kids that came over. Till word got around that we were letting the kids take handful's at a time then we got a few more. Then I went over to my brothers house to see his kids and they were just so cute I had to take pics of them!! My mom made all of there little outfits and they turned out so cute. And yet those are real dog bones in there hair and outfits!
this is Wade and Christies baby Gage!
I think he was a little hipper from eating to much candy!

Pebbles and Bam Bam!