Wednesday, September 23, 2009

New bathroom!!!

Okay so I finally got around to doing something worth taking pics of and posting. I had a bathroom make over. I had this idea in my head and i tried so hard to follow through with it and I think i succeeded!! I took down the mirror and wanted to frame it out then hang it back up there but in the end i could not figure out how to hang it back up and have it be really stable so I got some new mirrors for the bathroom and still framed out the other mirror and it is now just in my room on the floor next to the dresser I just re did also! So painting stripes I do not recommend it was not that hard but taping off is a pain in the booty! But I love how it turned out and now I need to re-do my bedroom to match.

So Aaron and I are doing great and are so in love! We love living in Casa Grande by so much of our family. and Wade and Christie are putting offers in down here so hopefully they will be back down here soon! Now that I'm home all day long it will be nice to have more people down here that I can hang out with all the time! Aaron is working so much and so hard doing his installation for Direct TV, and now Jay is working with him so he is liking that so now he can have someone to talk to during all of his crazy jobs. He likes it but is not in love with it so he is trying to get on with the prison in Florence! So keep your prayers with him that he can get it!!