Monday, July 13, 2009

New Guns!!

So Aaron and our bro. in law went to the gun show yesterday and came home with a new AR-15. If any of you have never shot one before I highly recommend it. There is like no kick to it and so easy to use. So we have a range down here in Casa Grande that is free and it was so nice because there was no one there yesterday so we had the range to our self. I invite any one who wants to come shooting with us we go all the time so if any one wants to go just let me know and we can all go together!! So I don't have any pics because I left my camera out in the car so that was a bummer. I was hot too I think it was 110 out side when we went but it was windy so that made it nicer out but then all the sudden the wind kicked up a little harder and was blowing our targets away so we had to call it a day so I cant wait till we get to go again!!