Friday, December 12, 2008

Lights Lights and more Lights!!

So yesterday we decided to get ready early this year and went to get our tree. I love real trees the smell so much better and they do not itch my arms as much when I am putting up the lights! SO over the past weekend Aaron my loving hubby put us all the lights on the outside of the house for me. And I found my wreath that I made a couple years ago. (something about me I love to do crafts so I make a lot of stuff all the time) and we got some garland to put around the door and it already had lights on it so I did not have to do that.

This is my cute little snowman that I have made!! He was so much fun to put together and decorate!

Gingerbread House's

Sarah Working on her house
Christie and her crazy house (i think its a church or a barn)

My beautiful house (jk, but not really)

Wed night I went over to my moms house and we all made gingerbread houses and had a blast. I'm not sure if we spent more time talking and eating them then actually making them either way we all had a blast.