Friday, December 11, 2009


So its been a long time i know, and i cant even say that i have been busy but it seems like everyday goes by faster and faster and i can never get around to doing things. So here is a little update on what the Gallup's have been up to. Aaron has gotten a new job he is now the assistant manager and the QT down here in Casa Grande and I am still running a daycare in our home so it has been so nice not to spend hundreds of dollars a month just on gas. He has been at his new job for about 3 weeks now and is just now getting out of training! He will be on his own and I think he really likes it there, and his work days go by fast since they are always busy. There are a couple down falls to his job, 1st he is on swing shift which means he works two morning two afternoons and two graveyards. So needless to say he is always tired and feels like he is never getting the sleep he needs. 2nd is he has to work on Sundays :( such a bummer, we just got jobs in the ward we team teach 16 and 17 year olds! Well now that he works on Sundays I teach all by my self and that's a real bummer. So that's another things that is new with us (or just me now) we have callings. I was so exited to get a calling I thought that this would be good we could get involved in the ward and get to know everyone!
Wade and Christie have finally made the move back down to Casa Grande. They have moved in a couple weeks ago and it has been fun! Well we don't really see them that much since they moved down but when we do get together it feels like there are so many of us. They bought the house one house away from my other brother so i think they see each other more than we see them. So we are filling in the Casa Grande area. There is Us then my two brothers and there wife's and the 3 kids, then there is also Aaron's sister and her husband and there 4 kids. So we are filling it in! And its so fun there is usually always something to do around here.
We are getting ready for Christmas slowly but we will get there. We finally went out and got a fake tree, we usually always get real ones but we broke down and are now just like most people out there and have a fake one. It is a really nice one though it is really full and is a lot bigger than any of the others that we usually get!
So I think that that's all nothing that special to talk about, just updating! O but i am trying to grow my hair out if anyone knows and trick or anything to make that happen any faster let me know, i am so inpatient i just want it to be long right now! O ya and one of my best friends just had her baby, a little girl and her name is Reagan Nicole Flowers (how cute is that) I went to see her in the hospital and got to hold her and fell in love with her she was such a wonderful perfect little baby! I cant wait till we are ready to have our own kids. I will post pics as soon and I can find my camera, i don't know where it ran off to again.