Friday, July 2, 2010

Just incase you did not know!

Okay so life has been a little crazy around here back in March Aaron joined the National Guard and they said July will be when he will leave for bootcamp. Well that seemed so far away at the time but WOW how time flies. He has only 4 days left. I will go out to South Carolina to see him graduate from boot camp 10 weeks after he leaves, then he will be back for 2 weeks for christmas then he will have to go back till April. So we only get to see each other those 2 times durring the next 9 to 10 months or so :( After his bootcamp he will be going to Virginia to get trained in all the electronics and armor that goes into the helocoptors that the Army uses! That will be such an exiting thig for him to learn and I think it will keep his busy! So that is it for now I think, O ya for anyone reading this we are having a going away 4th of July party for him at our house everyone is invited so come have a good time and say bye!!

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